Jeanny Wildi
(Frankfurt, Germany)
Former Dean,
Hotel Institute Montreux

The first time I tried Farmer’s First “Mili”, a tamarind candy, was a surprising experience. It was a complex flavour journey packed into each little candy ball – first sweet and sour, then slowly spicy and finally, smooth and soothing. How delicious! But that is not enough; having managed a leading hotel school for years, it is not easy to live up to my expectations of quality. Mili beat the charts – the candy is pure, natural and produced to the highest hygiene and food sanitation standards. Best of all, I believe the secret ingredient to its superior taste must be the individual care from the village women who prepare the candy by hand. It feels good to know that while I am enjoying Mili, it is also improving their quality of life. I am definitely addicted!

Anand Singh
(Brampton, Ontario. Canada)
General Manager, Amrita Trading Company.

I first tried Mili tamarind candy on the Jet Airways flight during my trip to India. It was amazing...As I am always looking for new products to Import to Canada, I got in touch with Farmers First Farm Products Pvt. Ltd. My main concern was the quality and consistency as in the past certain traditional products had not lived up to our expectations. But with Mili, not only was it manufactured in a very hygienic way, I also appreciated the fact that it was made exclusively by women in a village in Punjab. I have been dealing with Farmers First for the past five years and I have found them to be professional and honest in their business dealings and they have never compromised in the quality of their candy.

Sunil Sanklecha
(Managing Partner)
Nuts ‘n’ Spices, Chennai. Tamil Nadu

We have been doing business with Farmers First Farm Products for the past eight years. Their products, especially Mili Candy is very popular in our stores. Over the last eight years, Farmers First has been consistent with the quality of their products and we hope to continue doing business with them in the future.

Gopakumar Ramachandran
(Managing Partner)
Sega Marketing Company, Cochin. Kerala

We have been working with Farmers First Farm Products Pvt. Ltd for the past two years. After trying many tamarind candies, we liked the quality of Mili the best. We were the first to introduce Mili candy and loose Imli candy in jars in Kerala. The quality of Farmers First Products is very high, it is delivered on time and the quality is consistent.

Ali Akbar
(Managing Partner)
Day Fresh Exports, Calicut. Kerala

The Saudi market is very quality conscious. There was a big demand for tamarind products but it was difficult to find tamarind products in India which were of high quality, manufactured in a clean environment and passed all quality tests. Until we came across Mili Tamarind candy. Not only was the quality very high and consistent, their factory was very clean and the candy passed all the strict Saudi tests. And from the very first moment of its introduction in Saudi Arabia it was a big hit. Farmers First delivers their products on time and is very consistent with the quality. Looking forward to working with them for a long time.

Silvia Soni
(Loyal customer)

I have been a regular customer of Mili Tamarind Candy since I moved to Delhi. I am very fond of tamarind and having tried all kinds of tamarind products from all over the world I can say that in terms of quality Mili is one of the best. Specially love the extra sweet and sour taste of the Indian tamarind and the kick provided by the green chilly. I also appreciate the fact that Mili is made exclusively by women. Hats off to Farmers First for promoting women empowerment.